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May 2002 Issue

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Editorial Notes:

I'm pleased to welcome a new contributor to the LCN. Roseanna Almaee will be writing book reviews in upcoming issues.  Her first article is a review of "Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research" and appears in this issue.

My thanks to the regular contributors to the newsletter.  These include Frank Christ, Gary Probst, Susan Palau, and Robin York.  In the past we also had regular contributions from Lucy MacDonald, who has passed the torch to Robin York, and from  Barbara Stout and Jeanne Wiatr, who wrote the excellent SI series of articles.  

To review past articles, visit the LCN archives at:


Also my thanks to Kathleen Riepe for this month's MS Word Tip.

The LCN will be off for June and July, so the next issue will be in August.  See you then.

~ Mon Nasser, Editor


Management Strategies and Tips Building Staff Professionalism Through A Learning Support Center Professional Library by Frank Christ.
Vocabulary Development is the prerequisite skill required for applying a rule to solve a problem  By Gary Probst.  
Student Study Skills Tips Combating Test Anxiety by Robin York.
Book Review Review of Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research by Roseanna Almaee
Conferences. Upcoming learning-assistance conferences.
MS Word Tip Commenting Students Papersby Kathleen Riepe.
On the Lighter Side Before I came to college I wish I had known... 
Quotes. Quotes by Thomas Edison, R. Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Jefferson, Ellen Glasgow, and others.
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