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Author logoThe Learning Center Newsletter is sponsored by AccuTrack and edited by Mon Nasser from Engineerica Systems, Inc.  Following is some information about the newsletter's regular contributors.

Frank L. Christ

Frank has been actively involved with learning assistance for over 30 years. He is the founder and past coordinator (1972-1990) of the award-winning Learning Assistance Support System at CSU Long Beach. He is the creator, co-director, and coordinator of the highly successful Winter Institute. Other accomplishments include establishing LRNASST and serving as an editor and consultant for LSCHE. He also served as a faculty with the Kellogg Institute for the Training and Certification of Developmental Educators. In addition, Frank is the author end editor of several study skills and learning assistance books.  Currently Frank is a Visiting Scholar at the U of AZ , an Adjunct Professor of Educational Leadership at Grambling State University where he offers on-line graduate courses in the area of learning support centers in higher education, its programs and services, and management.. For contact, email flchris@mindspring.com


Lucy MacDonald

Lucy specializes in learning technology and study skills.  She began teaching online in 1992. Lucy designed first non technical online college class: Freshman Composition, 1992-97.  She also designed and taught first national Study Skills class online in 1997.  And she designed Instructional Technology online class in 2000.  Lucy is the author of several books and publications on study skills and developmental education.  For more info, visit http://www.lucyonline.com/


Susan Marcus Palau 

Susan is the past director of the Learning Center at Purchase College/SUNY.  Susan has been writing her website review column for the LCN since March of 2001.  Currently, Susan is manages and owns a learning center.


Mon Nasser

Mon is the founder and editor of the Learning Center Newsletter. He is also the developer of AccuTrack, a learning center reporting software. Mon received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering in 1993, and followed it by an MS in Engineering Management in 1996. Mon is a software development manager at Engineerica Systems, Inc.  You can contact Mon at mon@accutrack.org


Gary K. Probst

Dr. Gary K. Probst has taught developmental reading and mathematics at Prince George's Community College since 1967. Currently, he offers online developmental Mathematics and Reading courses. Gary's web site offers valuable advice for developmental students - from organization to preventing developmental mathematics failure. You can visit his web site at this address:  http://academic.pg.cc.md.us/~gprobst/


Barbara Stout

Barbara is a former SI supervisor at the University of Pittsburgh.  She is a co-author of the Supplemental Instruction series, which started in the June 2001 issue of the LCN.  You can contact Barbara by emailing bstout06@home.com 


Jeanne Wiatr 

Jeanne is a former SI supervisor at the University of Pittsburgh.  She is a co-author of the Supplemental Instruction series, which started in the June 2001 issue of the LCN.  You can contact Jean at: Jeannewiatr@yahoo.com


Robin York

Robin York has taught developmental reading and study skills at Chemeketa Community College since 1996. Before joining the Chemeketa staff Robin taught Study Skills for Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis. Currently, she teaches two online Reading courses and an online Study Skills course. She has also taught study skills via Chemeketa Television. You may contact Robin at http://yorr@chemeketa.edu.



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