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February 2002 Issue

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From the Editor

Welcome to the February 2002 issue.  This is a special issue since it marks the completion of the newsletter's second year of publication.  Happy birthday LCN!  In this special issue we have excellent articles and great news to share.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Gary K. Probst has joined our authors team.  If you are a member of LRNASST, you are familiar with Gary's valuable postings on the forum.  These postings prompted me to offer Gary a regular column on the LCN, and I'm glad to report that he has accepted the offer.  This issues features the premier of Gary's articles "Intrapersonal Communication and Reading Comprehension".

Recently we received a request from someone who wanted to include an article from the LCN in a tutoring association newsletter.  Since many of the LCN articles offer valuable insights from experts in the learning-assistance field, we decided to grant republishing permission of all LCN articles for educational purposes.  So if you would like to use an article for your web site, newsletter, or publication, check out the new "COPYRIGHT AND CITATION INFORMATION"secton for the details.

We received some feedback from readers regarding the new format of the newsletter.  As you know, each article now is on its own page, with a main page containing an an index to the articles.  The previous format had all the articles on a single web page with an index at the top.  Here is some of the feedback we received from readers on the new format:

"I don't like the new format, with each section a separate page with a link. It was easier just to scroll down and read the whole site."

"I like being able to scroll thru the entire newsletter without having to go back to the home page. This is not convenient. It is too troublesome."

"I prefer being able to print it out all at once and browse through it later when I have a chance."

Does the above feedback represent the opinions of the "vocal minority", or is it a good representation of readers' opinion of the new layout?  Help us figure out the answer.  If you like the new design, let us know.  If you don't like it, let us know too.  We will tally the votes and will go with the majority's opinion.  As you can see, so far we have 3 votes for the old format.  Cast your vote by sending us feedback.

The new layout made it possible for us to count the visits to each article.  The results of these counts were surprising!  The newsletter received its average number of monthly hits (about 500).  However, the most read article in the newsletter received about 150 hits only!  This means that most readers only read a certain article or two in the newsletter and skip the rest.  Does describe how you read the newsletter?  

If you're wondering, here is the visits ranking for the January issue (most visited first):


  1. Management Strategies and Tips.

  2. Supplemental Instruction, On the Lighter Side, LSCHE 2001 Web Site Excellence Awards. 


  4. MS Word Tip. 

  5. Internet Resource of the Month.

  6. Conferences. 

  7. Welcome message (this article).

We will monitor the statistics of this issue as well to see if they confirm to the above observations..  

Enjoy the new issue, and don't forget to share it with your colleagues.  

Mon Nasser


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