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From the Editor Should we keep the new newsletter layout or should we revert to the old "all articles on one page" format?  A new author joins the LCN team. Popularity ranking of January issue articles.
Management Strategies and Tips A Management Model for Individualized or Paired Self-paced Tutorials by Frank Christ.
Supplemental Instruction (SI) Evaluating the SI Program by Barbara Stout and Jeanne Wiatr.
Intrapersonal Communication and Reading Comprehension: How intrapersonal communication affects reading skills by Gary Probst.  Also discover how to get grants up to $250,000 to study oral reading skills in adults
Student Study Skills Tips How an eraser saved a student grade by Lucy MacDonald.
Internet Resource of the Month: A visit to an excellent Academic Support Center web site by Susan Palau..
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Conferences. Upcoming learning-assistance conferences.
MS Word Tip Add web functionality to your Word document with Cross Referencing.
On the Lighter Side: College Prayers
Quotes. Quotes from Goethe, Mohammed Ali, Winston Churchill, Robert Frost, Michelangelo and others.
Last Issue. Hallmarks of an Award Winning Learning Center, Faculty Support and the SI Program, and much more.
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