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November 2003 Issue

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By Pat Gottschalk, Learning Skills Instructor, USAFA

Email: Pat.Gottschalk@usafa.af.mil

I visited Purdue University's on-line Academic Success Center for my first review of the 03-04 school year. (Address: www.sla.purdue.edu/asc) If I use the word "great" a little too much in talking about this site, forgive me, but it really is, well, a great site. Purdue's site was a 2000 Honorable Mention Award winner, so if you haven't visited it in awhile, now's the time. Kudos to the webmaster; the site had recently been updated (22 August 03) when I visited and maintains a clean look. A browser has main menu access on the home page and each section does what is advertised. The pages are simple to read (while offering plenty of information), there is good use of color (making pages easy on the eye), and the pictures are great. I particularly like the staff and SI links with not only photos but bios and contact information. Especially with the SI link, students could tailor their tutoring sessions with someone in the same major or within a similar area of academic interest. All the menu options provide good information flow. Class schedules list specifics, workshops have audiovisuals that can be previewed and/or purchased, printable handouts are available, and there are links to other on-line learning websites. Yes, the site is mainly for on-campus users, but still - a great template for other sites and (one last time) great info for fostering academic success.



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