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The Learning Center Exchange (LCE) is an on-line monthly publication for academic centers and learning labs.  Articles in the LCE are written and edited by learning assistance professionals and are peer-reviewed. The publication is sponsored by AccuTrack and the National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA).  The LCE has subscribers in over a thousand colleges and universities, which makes it a national publication.

Formerly known as the Learning Center Newsletter (LCN) , the first issue of the LCE was published in February of 2000. Since then, the publication has featured hundreds of articles written by leaders in the learning-assistance field including Frank ChristLucy MacDonald, and Gary Probst.  

Articles in the LCE cover topics of interests to professionals working in the learning assistance fields (e.g. tutoring centers, developmental education, writing labs, etc.). Topics covered in previous issues include:

  • Managing learning centers. 
  • Student study skills tips.
  • Tutoring and technology.
  • On-line learning.
  • Internet resources for academic centers.
  • Establishing a Supplemental Instruction (SI) program.
  • Outstanding learning-assistance professionals.
  • Professional associations and conferences.
  • Computer usage tips.
  • And much, much more!

Subscription to the LCE is free and open to all learning assistance professionals.  See the bottom of this page for subscription instructions.

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