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All articles appearing in the Learning Center Exchange (formerly knows as Learning Center Newsletter) are copyright (c) by the publisher, Engineerica Systems, Inc .

Articles may be reproduced and distributed for non-commercial, educational purposes with these conditions:

  1. The content of the article must not be altered. 

  2. The author's name and email address must appear under the title of the article.

  3. The following attribution must be included at the bottom of the article:
    Note: This article was originally published in the <LCN issue. e.g. "January 2006 issue "> of The Learning Center Exchange. The newsletter is available online at The article is reprinted here with permission of the author and Engineerica Systems, Inc., the publisher.

  4. You must email the publisher with the following: The name of the article you are reproducing, your publication's name, and issue.   We will pass this information to the authors of the article so they would know how their work is being used.

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