Editorial Welcome

By Mona Pelkey

Dear Readers,

With the New Year comes a new name for our publication, formerly known as Learning Center Newsletter: Learning Center Exchange. Our volunteer staff chose this name after much reflection, and we feel that it better reflects the current function of our publication, which is to provide a forum for learning assistance professionals to help colleagues help students.

In order to continue this publication, however, we need your input. If you have benefited from reading the articles your colleagues have written, please let us know! We love feedback; positive feedback keeps us going, keeps us writing, and gives us direction. Our contact information is included with our articles. Also, please consider contributing an article for our publication. We need more volunteer authors! Do you have a great handout that you have written? Dynamite ideas for how to improve student reading/writing/study skills? Please share! Besides seeing your work published and boosting your own visibility in our profession, you are benefiting others. Please email me at ym5330@usma.edu for more information if you would like to contribute an article to LCE.

Another easy way to contribute to our publication is to send your suggestions and/or your case studies to our interactive feature, "How Would You Help This Student?" Thanks to Linda Standerford of Northwest Missouri State University and Jennifer Cole of Russell Sage College for being the first contributors to this feature! We have a new case study this month, and we eagerly await your input!

A big THANK YOU to our authors! Dennis Congos contributes a very thorough and practical article on mnemonics, Kyle Cushman shares a revision strategy called "bubbling" that will help your students identify and fix organizational flow problems in their paragraphs, and Mon Nasser chronicles his recent virus-related computer disaster and lists the strategies and software that resolved (or failed to resolve) the various problems that ensued. Wonderful articles, all; I am certain you will enjoy them!

All the best toward student success! Mona

Questions or comments? Contact the author at Mona.Pelkey@usma.edu.