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Skips Downing's Study Skills Website

By Gary K. Probst, Prince George's Community College

Skip Downing, a consultant in the field of faculty development and student success strategies, has a website containing many excellent articles on strategies for developing study skills, motivation, goal setting, etc. What makes these strategies especially valuable is that each one was developed by an instructor who is currently using it with his or her college students. The authors of each of these strategies have taken one of Skip Downing's workshops and use his textbook. The heading of each strategy and the number of strategies found under each heading is as follows:

bullet Starting your course - 13
bullet Self-Responsibility -15
bullet Self-Motivation - 21
bullet Self-Management - 15
bullet Interdependence - 19
bullet Self-Awareness - 11
bullet Life-Long Learning - 23
bullet Emotional Intelligence - 11
bullet Self-Esteem - 11
bullet Staying On Course - 11
bullet Miscellaneous - 16

To read these strategies click on http://www.oncourseworkshop.com/Student%20Success%20Strategies.htm

Also, on his website there is an excellent sixty question questionnaire that determines how well a student's score compares to successful and unsuccessful students. The results of this questionnaire can be printed. Suggestions for improving weak areas are given. This would be a great questionnaire to have all of the students take at the beginning of a study skills course.

To take the questionnaire click on http://college.hmco.com/collegesurvival/downing/on_course/4e/students/index.html


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