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December 2002 Issue

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Internet Resource of the Month

By Pat Gottschalk, Learning Skills Instructor, USAFA

Email: Pat.Gottschalk@usafa.af.mil

Pat's pick for December's Internet Resource of the Month is from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, found at http://www.iss.stthomas.edu/studyguides.

This address takes you to the university's Study Guides and Strategies page where you will find easily navigable links to titled categories such as "Preparing to Learn" (with information like "Thinking Like a Genius" and links to self-assessment sites); "Writing Basics" (where you can click on Print Bibliography and use a link that takes you to noodletools.com/quickcite, a simple-to-understand MLA and APA usage guide); and "Webtruth" (with links to subtitles like Citing Web Sites, Netiquette, and Designing Web Sites). There is a "Math and Science" category, for the math-challenged like me, which includes a math bibliography and links to on-line web help. A further sample of other titles is "Preparing for Tests" and "Taking Tests" as well as one labeled simply "Studying". Many of these pages include a pertinent quote, found in the top right-hand corner of the page - a bit of trivia that is an enjoyable add-on to the information. Listed on the left side of the home page are further links to everything from a general search engine (similar in appearance and use to google.com) to the study guides made available in 18 separate languages, great for use by international students. (This is a "wow" feature of the site - languages represented range from Spanish and French to Arabic, Czech, Russian, and Chinese, to name a few.) The site was developed and is maintained by Joe Landsberger of the University of St. Thomas, who has a "vanity page" link which includes not only his study guides but personal information, pictures, and poetry.



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